When it comes to digital design trends, the only thing constant about them is the fact that they are constantly changing. With each upcoming year, graphic design trends tend to shift and evolve with the current times.

The trends of the past few years have borrowed elements from sci-fi and futuristic designs and classic symbolism and nature. But for 2022, designers and design researchers are expecting minimalistic and straightforward digital designs. So the upcoming year will undoubtedly bring about a breath of fresh air!

Digital design is about taking the ordinary and transforming it into something unique and exceptional. Companies these days rely on digital logo designs because not only do they catch the eye of the target market, but they are also quite attractive and visually appealing. A digitally designed logo has a ripple effect on a business’s brand and marketing in general. It is a representation of everything that the company stands for.

The year 2022 is about to bring forth a change in digital design trends! Creative graphic designers have used months of research and experience to provide an insight into the upcoming digital trends of 2022.

Here are seven digital design trends that are going to take the following year by storm:

  • Geometric Shapes

Graphic design tends to borrow a lot of elements from geometry, namely geometric shapes. In 2022, we are expected to see a rise in incorporating geometrical features in graphic design.

Everywhere you look, you will see digital artists and designers use geometric shapes and patterns in their work. These rigid, hard-edged shapes are quickly replacing the abstract ones that have been in use for years before today.

Digital artists and designers can use a unique mix of these geometrically designed shapes to create a single figure or profile. Aside from sculptures, these shapes will also come in handy while designing infographics and charts, including pie charts and bar graphs. Geometric shapes have a knack for attracting a variety of clientele and customers to the art or design. It is going to make business presentations and academic notes much more enticing and exciting.

  • Monochrome Color Palettes

Graphic designers and digital artists have always been experimenting with monochrome! However, a muted black and white palette always looks classy and elegant. The upcoming year, 2022, is expected to bring back this remarkable design trend.

Although beginners were initially using monochrome color palettes in the field of design, they are now incredibly popular with Pro designers around the world. These have been implemented on digitally designed Instagram posts, web apps, and mobile apps, as well as within photography and videography too.

Monochrome palettes are gaining popularity as they help the users of the website or mobile application focus on the content and texts onscreen. These exceptional color palettes provide balance and uniformity to any design or piece of art. They also deliver a visually rich art experience to the viewer.

  • Psychedelic Designs

Abstract psychedelic designs have been used in traditional art for over four decades, but they are expected to make a comeback in digital methods in the upcoming year. Designers and artists consider psychedelia as a form of abstract art that opens the minds of the audience.

Psychedelic designs are chaotic and rich in nature. They’re bursting with color! These designs are often shown with complicated abstractions and a variety of bright and vivid tones. Symmetrical shapes are occasionally used alongside psychedelic designs to offer a kind of balance and unity to the design.

  • Colorful Minimalism

Minimalism is all about keeping things low-key. Some of the most famous companies use minimalism in their logos, including Apple. In modern-day minimalistic designs, digital artists combine two designs with components that complement one another. The color palettes for these designs are said to be muted and neutral. Logos that use colorful minimalism in their making look classy and refined once finished. Famous brands, such as Nike, have mastered the art of combining creativity with minimal-effort design. The end-result is simple and elegant!

  • Symbols

Symbols are a depiction of unity like no other. They are classic shapes that transcend language barriers. Symbols are said to spike high in popularity in the upcoming years due to the fact that they are simple yet powerful. These shapes are used on banners and flags, and their effect on people is universal. In 2022, designers and digital artists are hoping to use symbols to create logos that are inspirational and elicit feelings of hope, resilience, and courage. Symbols can be used to develop flexible and one-of-a-kind designs! If you want your brand to be remembered, going for a logo that uses a symbol can never hurt.

  • Muted Color Palettes

Vivid colors that have brightness slightly ‘muted’ by adding a complementary color, such as black or white, are known as muted color palettes. Muted color palettes are a stark contrast to the bright and vivid hues that we have been seeing in digital design in the past few years. These colors are now more popular with people as they prefer lighter tones that are easy on the eyes. In addition, social media brands like LinkedIn and Facebook have both used muted colors to keep their brand’s logos graceful and straightforward.

Muted colors are also spiking in popularity as they blend well with the text. So if you are planning to incorporate your company’s name in your logo, muted color palettes would be ideal for you!

  • Hand-drawn illustrations

Brands these days are incorporating hand-drawn illustrations in their digital marketing campaigns instead of generic images. Hand-drawn illustrations bring about an authentic feel to the design. Companies can create unique and outstanding displays of digital art with the help of uncomplicated and straightforward hand-drawn illustrations. These require minimal effort, so designers don’t have to spend hours perfecting these illustrations. 2022 will see a rise in the popularity of hand-drawn illustrations in digital design and art for sure!